Partner GlobeTech Announces IOT Solutions Based on Thing+ in the Thai Market

Daliworks, Seoul, June. 28, 2018 – Daliworks partner “GlobeTech” recently announced their intention to use the Thing+ platform for upcoming IOT solutions integrated with the cutting-edge map service “NOSTRA”. The initial plan is to leverage location-centric Big Data collected from large numbers of IOT devices towards the creation of business-specific IOT solutions.

Naver Business Platform 헬스케어데이 Thing+ 솔루션 소개

지난 5월 31일 Naver Business Platform (NBP)가 주관한 헬스 케어 데이에 IoT 솔루션업체로 유일하게 초대를 받았습니다.

Daliworks Receives Award from Libelium Along with Partners LorIOT and ASM

Daliworks, Seoul, June. 23, 2018 – At the recent Libelium IOT Conference, Daliworks, along with partners LorIOT and ASM, were awarded the “Best Interoperability Project” award from efforts installing and implementing a Smart Fish Farm in Iran.

2018 Agrofood Global Conference 달리웍스 moderator 참가

FACT (농업기술 실용화 재단) 이 주최한 2018년 Agrofood Global Conference에 달리웍스 패널 moderator 로 참가했습니다!

Daliworks achieves significant outcomes in the United States including an MOU with Freewave Technologies

“As a small company founded 5 years ago, it is rare to meet top leaders of global-level companies in the United States. Fortunately, we could accompany President Moon Jae-in’s formal visit to the United States in late June as a member of business delegation, representing the emerging cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform service industry.”

APAC CIO Outlook – Daliworks Spotlight

The Internet of things (IoT) has gained an ever-larger foothold in the global industry over the past few years. In order to drive value from IoT, several organizations have begun to transform their way of doing business. This transformation traditionally has been a rocky road full of operating losses and wasted effort. This is the pain that Daliworks is making its mark solving.