Daliworks, LorIOT and ASM Receive Award from Libelium

Daliworks, Seoul, June. 23, 2018 

At the recent Libelium IOT Conference, Daliworks, along with partners LorIOT and ASM, were awarded the “Best Interoperability Project” award from efforts installing and implementing a Smart Fish Farm in Iran.

From the jury:

“Libelium and ASM, in collaboration with Loriot and Daliworks, have constructed what we call the best example of an interoperability project as a result of its ecosystem based relationship: a system where all he members interact among them and depends one of each other. On the project developed in Iran to monitor water quality in fish farms, Libelium is providing the first part of the value of chain, the hardware; Daliworks is providing the clouding; Loriot offers the network server for handling LoRaWAN connectivity; and ASM is providing the analytics, the local support ant the commercialization from the A to Z solution. This is a winning strategy, the way we must work on the next time. Constructing a strong ecosystem is the only way”.

Julian Getting the Award

LorIOT receiving the reward on the group’s behalf