Tracknet and Daliworks Team up for AsiaPac Business


Provider of cloud platforms and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) Daliworks has teamed with LoRaWAN IoT solutions provider TrackNet to deploy smart building solutions in Korea and Japan.

The companies’ combined solution aims to reduce the cost and improves the return on investment (ROI) for smart building and greenhouse deployments. Daliworks’ Thing+ application platform provides administration, user roles, billing, alerts, and data analysis. It can also be customised and configured on a per-solution basis.

TrackNet’s TrackCentral LoRaWAN core network solution, includes device customisation, device management, firmware updates over the air (FUOTA), and an advanced network analytics platform to provide end-to-end smart connectivity for IoT deployments and applications.

Access to full-building control, monitoring, and data collection has traditionally required long and costly project-based development, creating a barrier for all but the largest buildings to become smart.

According to the partners, their complete end-to-end solution of sensors, network, and cloud IoT platforms optimises energy efficiency, ensures optimal conditions, and reduces the total cost of management.

“Daliworks’ market knowledge and powerful cloud platform makes it the ideal partner for TrackNet to develop large-scale deployments in Korea,” said Hardy Schmidbauer, CEO of TrackNet. “We believe smart building is one of the fastest growing market segments in IoT due to its very high ROI.”

The use of LoRaWAN creates seamless connectivity easily over an entire campus or building with a minimum number of gateways, simplifying installation and minimising infrastructure cost. The companies have worked closely to develop customised sensors and end-to-end connectivity to meet the key performance indicators (KPIs) that building owners have for these systems.

“What we’ve built together with TrackNet is nothing less than a complete disruption of this market,” added Soonho Lee, CEO of Daliworks. “We enable any building, large or small, old or new, to immediately skip a generation of costly capital-intensive equipment.”

by smartcitiesworld