Our attendance at the recent LoRaWAN Alliance AMM in Tokyo

Daliworks, Seoul, October. 25, 2018 

Last week, the LoRaWAN Alliance put on an “All Members Meeting” event at the Tokyo Hilton, at which we set up a booth showing some examples of applications customized on top of Thing+ as well as the hardware used in many of our projects.

Nostra Example

A picture captured with Macnica, whom are also interested in creating solutions using IOT devices in Japan

We are members of the LoRaWAN Alliance due to the excellent potential that the LoRaWAN standard brings to the IOT, especially towards enabling very large, highly scalable projects that are geographically dispersed, or require long-range connectivity at extremely low cost.

The Alliance is growing quite quickly, and the open-standard approach of LoRaWAN is, in our opinion, a key requirement for companies in the IOT to remove barriers between each-other and allow for co-working, instead of proprietary systems that are controlled by single, monolithic entities. Here’s hoping to a continuation in the growth of the ecosystem, and further commercial success for all ecosystem partners. 🙂