Lightweight, IOT-Based Building Management — Our Experiences Solving Problems in Korea

Hello everyone.

We have recently been building out initial IOT projects for smart-buildings in Korea and I had the chance to look into some of the initial problems and things we saw during our efforts.

In brief, a large majority of buildings here do not use traditional building management systems, and rely on manual control and inspection to handle most of their building operations. However, through IOT hardware and tied together with our platform, we have found success in improving building efficiency and reducing operations cost.

I wrote out a detailed article on Medium about this – Link here

We will have additional information on our smart building IOT packages over the coming few months, so be sure to check back later if you are interested in applying IOT technology to buildings in this way. As well, please do feel free to reach out to us either here or via email through our website contact.

As always, wish the best of luck to our partners and friends in their business.
Let’s make the IoT real. :)

by Leland Creswell From Daliworks