An interview by Plastic Science with CEO Soonho Lee

An interview by Plastic Science with CEO Soonho Lee

In his first media interview of the year, Dr. Soonho Lee, CEO of Daliworks discusses about the current state of industrial IoT worldwide and its application in the “smart factory” sector.

A CEO interview with Plastics Science, a leading monthly trade journal specialized in the plastic manufacturing sector in Korea.


In his first media interview of the year, Dr. Soonho Lee, CEO ofDaliworks discusses about the current state of industrial IoT worldwide and its application in the “smart factory”sector in particular. He also describes Thing+, the cloud-based industrial IoT platform by Daliworks, and its key benefits.

On key drivers behind the industrial IoT and “Smart Factory”

IoT represents an instance of the more general class of cyber physical system (CPS). In CPS, all physical objects (devices, vehicles, buildings, machines and other physical items) embedded with microprocessor, software, sensors and network connectivity are uniquely identifiable and interoperable with the existing Internet infrastructure. Industrial IoT-connected equipment in “smart factory” can operate in two parallel worlds simultaneously: the physical system that performs its intended tasks and functions and that interacts with machine operators and users, and a digital replica – a “digital twin” – of the same piece of equipment that resides within the Internet infrastructure.

The digital twin knows the exact configuration of a production equipment, its current operating and surrounding conditions, its maintenance history and other information needed to operate and maintain it. The digital twin “experiences” the physical product continually in real time if necessary and throughout its lifecycle. Utilizing the digital twin, manufacturers know much more about their operation and their products than ever before. They now know how well their manufacturing process and products perform, can fix faults more quickly, can do a better job in operating their entire manufacturing process (as well as extend it to the entire supply chain if necessary), and can predict when maintenance needs to be performed and why.


On Thing + and Its Key Benefits

When deciding to choose an IoT system that would enable manufacturers to achieve its intended goals, certain key considerations must be taken into account: reliability, scalability, immediate on-demand availability, and extendibility. In all 4 criteria, Thing+ stands out as it is a cloud-based platform and allows all of customers to tap into our secure data systems, high performing open source databases and unlimited computing power with reduced risk, lower costs and faster time, compared to on-premise in-house packaged solutions.

Our cloud-based IoT platform allows our clients and their IT personnel to avoid heavy lifting required to build their own IoT solutions.There are so many decisions and purchases: networking devices, storage systems, database engines, and data centers. And these are only the first set of software considerations! You have to build the software and make sure that it works in multiple languages and on multiple devices, among other challenges. And then finally, there are the technological issues that need to be addressed such as authentication, security and availability.

Thing+ can make everything much less complex and far less expensive. Further, with our embedded software and open API, our Thing+ platform can be extended in a plug and play to virtually all types of sensors, devices and machines. Our portal ( features a dashboard built on widgets, customizable to each client’s specific needs and requirements. Our customers can create their own dashboard with their own set of asset health and performanceparameters, patterns and other visual displays. They can also set their own rules, thereby automatically triggering certain control and preventive actions onto physical assets via actuators.

by Plastic Science


The LoRaWAN Alliance “All Members Meeting” in Tokyo

Last week, the LoRaWAN Alliance put on an “All Members Meeting” event at the Tokyo Hilton, at which we set up a booth showing some examples of applications customized on top of Thing+ as well as the hardware used in many of our projects.

Thing+ at the MWC 2018

We will be presenting Thing+ at Hall 7, Stand 7H21 and invite all of our friends and partners who will also be attending this year’s Mobile World Congress to come say hello.

Thing+ IoT Smart Greenhouse Project in Japan

Thing+ IoT Smart Greenhouse Project in Japan — A Practical Overview Featuring Temperature & Humidity Sensing


Daliworks Exhibits at IOT Week Korea 2018

Daliworks, Seoul, September. 17, 2018 – Last week, Daliworks presented Thing+ to exhibition attendees at IOT Week Korea 2018. Demonstrations of the platform in use were available, as well as specific examples of partner ecosystem hardware being deployed towards solutions in four distinct verticals.

Daliworks Announces Participation in the DECENTER Project – a Horizon 2020 Initiative

Daliworks, Seoul, August. 20, 2018 – Today, Daliworks announces it’s participation in the “DECENTER” Horizon 2020 project, in collaboration with a consortium spanning both Korean and European companies. DECENTER is a research and innovation project aiming to deliver a robust Fog Computing Platform, covering the whole Cloud-to-Things continuum, that will provide application-aware orchestration and provisioning of resources, driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Partner GlobeTech Announces IOT Solutions Based on Thing+ in the Thai Market

Daliworks, Seoul, June. 28, 2018 – Daliworks partner “GlobeTech” recently announced their intention to use the Thing+ platform for upcoming IOT solutions integrated with the cutting-edge map service “NOSTRA”. The initial plan is to leverage location-centric Big Data collected from large numbers of IOT devices towards the creation of business-specific IOT solutions.

Daliworks Receives Award from Libelium Along with Partners LorIOT and ASM

Daliworks, Seoul, June. 23, 2018 – At the recent Libelium IOT Conference, Daliworks, along with partners LorIOT and ASM, were awarded the “Best Interoperability Project” award from efforts installing and implementing a Smart Fish Farm in Iran.

Tracknet and Daliworks Team up for AsiaPac Business

Daliworks, Seoul, Aug. 11, 2017 – Daliworks has announced an integration between their IOT Cloud Platform, Thing+, and the ARM mbed™ IoT Device Platform to help secure devices running on the LoRaWAN stack. In this integration, the Thing+ platform enables monitoring and control related UI and UX for clients while LoRaWAN technology is used to enable communications at long range to mbed enabled edge devices.