Daliworks Announces Integration with ARM mBed Platform

Daliworks, Seoul, Aug. 11, 2017

Daliworks has announced an integration between their IoT Cloud Platform, Thing+, and the ARM mbed™ IoT Device Platform to help secure devices running on the LoRaWAN stack. In this integration, the Thing+ platform enables monitoring and control related UI and UX for clients while LoRaWAN technology is used to enable communications at long range to mbed enabled edge devices.

Through this integration, Daliworks hopes to take advantage of the integrated set of software components enabled by mbedOS, including improved security, communications and device management features. Development of new devices running ARM mbed, alongside production-grade, energy-efficient LoRa modules, will, in tandem with the Thing+ platform, enable more secure and effective solutions for businesses.

As part of this integration and initiative, many ARM mbed ecosystem partners interested in offering long range connectivity for their devices over LoRaWAN will also be launching new devices that take advantage of the superior range, energy efficiency, and capabilities of LoRaWAN technology.