Daliworks Inc. joins ARM mbed partnership to expand its Thing+ IoT ecosystem.

Daliworks Inc. joins ARM mbed partnership to expand its Thing+ IoT ecosystem.
Daliworks Inc., a Korea-based software company and big data platform provider, focused on creating Internet of Things (IoT) cloud platform technology, has signed a partnership to collaborate and develop IoT solutions as part of the ARM® mbed™ IoT Device Platform partnership.

From 2017 onwards, millions of IoT devices based on the mbed IoT Device Platform will be connected to Daliworks’ Thing+ IoT data platform.
Daliworks announced on 24 February 2017 that it had signed a partnership agreement with ARM to expand its global IoT business and the agreement will strengthen both companies’ ability to deliver mbed-based IoT solutions to businesses and consumers.

As recently shown, IoT device security is a large obstacle to the market’s expansion. Collaborating with the mbed ecosystem, Daliworks aims to expand its Thing+ IoT ecosystem by ensuring the security, direct provisioning and updating of various IoT devices. This collaboration will eliminate partner concerns about their customers’ IoT device security. In addition, the device management functions provided by the mbed technology enable IoT hardware manufacturers to use more efficient device management functions, which will reduce the time-to-market of IoT solutions built with ARM mbed running with Thing+, as well as improving device stability and reliability.

ARM mbed key features include device management, mbed security support and mbed cloud connectivity for the ARM Cortex®-M processor family. It is well supported by current ARM developers and partner groups. Daliworks’ Thing+ platform will utilize these key features of the mbed OS to enhance its performance, so that existing developers and partners will be able to easily use the Thing+ service to deploy IoT solutions to solve business problems.

“Through our partnership with ARM, we expect to be able to address security issues, the biggest issue in the current IoT and M2M market, through leveraging ARM mbed security features,” said Daliworks CEO Mr. Soonho Lee. “We will continue to expand the Thing+ and ARM ecosystems through supporting the more than 250,000 current ARM developers in their IoT-focused endeavours.”

“Security is critical to big data integrity as it enables businesses to trust the insights they get from their IoT device,” said Michael Horne, deputy general manager and vice president of marketing and sales, IoT Business, ARM. “Our partnership with Thing+ and Daliworks gives developers the ability to create devices with end-to-end security that can be trusted and updated over the device lifetime.”

IoT technology enables innovation in all areas of our daily life and business. The IoT platform has been constantly evolving to make it easier to connect devices and make them “smarter”. The collaboration between Daliworks’ Thing+ platform and ARM mbed is significant in that it joins cutting edge IoT platform technology with some of the best hardware, devices and developers in the world to solve the big problems facing IoT today.

The IoT industry is a complex ecosystem composed of hardware, platforms and networks. Mutual cooperation among related companies is essential for expanding this market. This alliance will be a good example of collaboration in terms of providing customers and developers in the IoT ecosystem with a desirable way to build IoT solutions and services securely, quickly and more easily than ever before.

About Daliworks Inc.
Daliworks, Inc. is an IoT Cloud platform provider. It provides Thing+ (www.thingplus.net), an IoT cloud platform that enables individuals and businesses to build secure, reliable, and scalable IoT-based solutions to their business problems with short time-to-market.

Media Contact for Daliworks, Inc. Mr. Soonho Lee +82 10 3128 1483

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